Warm Bread and Olive Oil and Balsamic Dip
Mixed Olives

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms
Sauteed mushroom in a cream and garlic sauce served with a warm artisan bread

Turkish Lamd’s Liver
Tender lamd’s liver cooked in Turkish spices and butter served with reonion and tomato salsa and mint yoghurt raita

Goats’s Cheese Bruschetta
Baked bruchetta brushed with olive oil and basil topped with melted goat’s cheese and sun blush tomato

Mini Fishcakes
Fishcake special served on salad leaves and tartare sauce

Marinated olives Served with Artisan Bread
Creamy garlic Mushrooms served with toasted artisan bread
Tuna and Sweetcorn Fishcakes served with Salad
Truksish Spiced lambs Liver Served with a Red Onion Salad and Yoghurt and Oill Dip
Black Pudding and Chorizo Tower Topped with a King Prawn and Fress Tomato and Chilla Salsa Garnished with peashoots
Caramelised French Onion Soup Reduced in a White Wine and Brandy Served with a Melted Cheese Crouton
Shredded Roast Ham Terrine Served with Goats Cheese with a Pomegranite and Mixed Leaf Salad
Lemon and Limochello Sorbet to Cleanse the Palette
French Onion Soup
Moules a La creme
Ham Hock Terrine
Prawn Cocktails


Camrienne’s Tapas Style

Spanish Chicken
Chicken breast strips with chorizo in a tomato sauce and rice

Cajun Chicken
Chicken breast strips, pepers and onion cooked in a Canjun spices
add wraps, shredded ice burgh and dips

Turkish Lambs’ Liver
Thin strips of tender lambs’ liver cooked in a Turkish spices and butter,s erved with a red onion, tomato and herb salsa and yoghurt mind dip

Meatballs Italian
Beef meatballs in a tomato, garlic and basin sauce

Beef in Black Bean
Tender beef strips cooked in a black bean sauce and rice

Fishcake of the week served in a bed of salad leaves and sweet chilli

Fish Goujons
Light battered fish goujons and tartare sauce

Tiger prawns
Tiger prawns cooked in a Chilli and Garlic Oild

Halloumi Goujons
In tempura butter and sweet chilli dip

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms
Served with warm artisan bread

Vegetables Bon Bin’s
Mixed vegetables Bon bon’s with a crispy tempura batter and sweet chilli saunce

Battered Crispy Cauliflower
With mature cheddar crumb

Beef Wellingon
Seared Tuna Steak
Parma Ham Wrapped Chicken
Beetroot and Chickpea Tower
Stuffed Chicken Thigh – £14.95
Pan Fried Seabadd
Goats Cheese Tart
Pan Fried Seared Seabass Fillet
Braised Beed
Giant Vol-Au-Cent
Beed in Black Bean
Fish Goujons
Moroccan Butternut Squash Tower
Pasta Carbonara
Thai Fish Bon Bons £13.95
Tuna and Sweetcorn Fishcakes – £12.95
Beef Bourgignon – £19.95
Homemade Steak Pie – £13.95


Potatas bravas
Crispy mini potatoes drizzled in tomato and basil sauce

Paprika Roast
Crispy roast dusted in a paprika roast

Handcut Chips

Handcut Chips

Spiced Potato Croquettes
Buttered mash potatoes in a spiced crispy crumb patty

Garlic Bread

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Tomato Garlic Bread

Raw Slaw/Coleslaw

Camrienne House Mixed Salad

Seasonal Vegetables Medley

Mixed Pickles

Warm Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Dip

Mixed Olives

Sauvignon Blanc Bottle £18.25
Sauvignon Blanc Malborough Bottle £21.95
Pinot Grigio Bottle £16.95
Chaibilis £29


Marinated Olives– £2.75
Homemade Crisps – £1
Tortilla Crisps– £1
Bread and Oil– £3.50
Slated Peanuts – £1
Mixed Pickles – £2.75

Itallian Antipasti Board – £14.95
Chease Board – £14.95
Camrienne Trunchetta – £13.95
Baked Flatbreads – £10.95

Pitta pockets stuffed wih chicken and stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce – £6.75
Pitta Pockets stuffed with shredded barbeque beef – £6.75
Cajun Chicken Strips wrap with Iceburgh – £6.75
Pigs in blankets served on a bed of our mini roast potatoes and a pan of gravy – £6.95
Goats cheese bruchetta on baked artisan bread baked – £5.75
Pate served with toast artisan bread and homemade chutney £5.95
Creamy garlic mushroom served warm dipping bread – £5.95
Patatas bravas – mini crispy potatoes topped with a tomato garlic sauce – £3.95
Chunky garlic bread – £4.75
Chunky garlic bread with cheese – £5.75
Chunky fresh tomato garlic bread – £5.75
Mini Roast potatoes – £2.95
Rustic hand cut chips – £2.95
House side salad – £3.25


Pasta Carbonara
Samon Fillet
Cajun Chicken Fajitas
Fillet Steak
Mulledd Wine
Baileys Hot Chocolate


Homemade flatbread’s

Mixed cheese
Tommato and basil, and melted mixed cheese
Served with a tomato salsa

Tandoori Spice
Chicken breast strips cooked in tandoori spices with peppers and onion served with a oghurt min dip

Garlic Fungi
Mushroom in a garlic butter and drizzled with a basin oil

Mixed Pepper
Mixed peppers and spicy roasted pimento, and red onion and olived

Chilli Beef
lean mince beef cooked in chilli with red onion and a tomato and chilli salsa

Garlic Bread
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Tomato and Pesto Bread
Side Salad
Hand Cut Chips
Mini Paprika Roast
Mixed Olives

Pornstar Martini – £8
French martini – £7
Espresso Martini – £7
Mojito – £7
Mixed Berry Mojito – £7
Pina Colada – £7
Purple Rain – £7
Tequila Sunrise – £7
Tom Collins – £7
Sex on the Beach – £7
Screwball – £7
Disaronno Sour – £7
Orgasmo – £7
Cherry Bakewell Sour – £7
Tropitini £7

Chocolate Orange
Lemon Lush
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Strawberry Sweetness
Les gateaux d’amour
Deconstructed Raspberry Eton Mess
Coffee or tea
Chocolate Bomb
Rhubarb and Parkin Cheesecake
Strawberry Delight
Coffee with Mint Chocolate Shard to Finish



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