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Spanish chicken
chicken breast strips with chorizo in a tomato and garlic sauce

Cajun Chicken
Chicken breast strips, pepers and onion cooked in a Canjun spices
add wraps, shredded ice burgh and dips

Meatballs Italian
Beef meatballs in a tomato, garlic and basin sauce

Turkish Lambs’ Liver
Thin strips of tender lambs’ liver cooked in a Turkish spices and butter,s erved with a red onion, tomato and herb salsa and yoghurt mind dip

Beef in Black Bean
Tender beef strips cooked in a black bean sauce and rice

Fishcake of the week served in a bed of salad leaves and sweet chilli

Fish Goujons
Light battered fish goujons and tartare sauce

Tiger prawns
Tiger prawns cooked in a Chilli and Garlic Oild

Halloumi Goujons
In tempura butter and sweet chilli dip

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms
Served with warm artisan bread

Portugese baked egg
Baked egg on pimento, tomato, fresh parsley, paprika. Garlic and black pepper topped with melted mature cheddar served with warm crusty bread

Vegetables Bon Bon’s
Mixed vegetables Bon bon’s with a crispy tempura batter and sweet chilli saunce

Battered Crispy Cauliflower
With mature cheddar crumb

Garlic prawns
Tiger prawns cooked in garlic butter on a mixed leaf salad

The Little Ones Tapas Menu

Tender chicken strips in tempura batter

Moist chicken breast pieces cooked in butter

Fish goujon’s in light crispy batter

Halloomi goujon’s

£4.95 each

Pasta with pulled lean ham and mozzarella cheese

Chicken pasta in tomato sauce

Pasta in tomato sauce
Top with cheese for £1

Margerita pizza

Pepperoni pizza

Chicken and sweetcorn pizza

Pizza garlic bread

Hand cut chips

Mini roasts

Tempura battered carrots

Sweetcorn and carrots

Please ask for any food intolerance information

Sweet little something

Chocolate brownie
Warm chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce

Ice cream sundae

Vanilla ice cream drizzled with mixed berry coulis,
crushed meringue pieces topped with whipped cream

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie pieces drizzled
with chocolate sauce topped with vanilla ice cream
and chocolate dust

Please ask for any food intolerance information



Pina Colada
pineapple juice and cream shaken with ice and served
with a fresh pineapple garnish

Orange Sunrise
fresh orange juice shaken with ice with a dash of
sweet grenadine to create a sunrise and
served with a slice of fresh orange

Warm Drinks

Bambino hot chocolate
Cadbury’s chocolate with foamed milk topped with mini marsh mellows and whipped cream

vanilla froth
foamed milk with vanilla syrup to sweeten topped with marsh mellows